Our Team

Alejandro Berg has been a devoted enthusiast and practitioner in the world of poultry care for over two decades. His journey began as a young boy when he was given the responsibility of tending to the family’s small flock of backyard chickens. This early experience sparked a lifelong passion for aviculture, leading him to become a self-taught expert in the field.

Over the years, Alejandro has expanded his knowledge through hands-on experience and a voracious appetite for the latest research and practices in chicken care. He has raised numerous breeds, experimented with various coop designs, and perfected his strategies for optimal egg production and chicken health.

Alejandro’s approach is grounded in practicality and sustainability, aiming to provide solutions that are not only effective but also accessible to chicken keepers of all levels. He is particularly skilled in troubleshooting common problems faced by poultry enthusiasts, from dietary imbalances and health issues to behavioral challenges within the flock.

In his community, Alejandro is known for his willingness to share knowledge and advice. He conducts workshops and speaks at local events where he discusses everything from the basics of chicken care to more advanced topics like breed selection and genetic health. His goal is always to empower others by providing them with the tools and understanding necessary to succeed in their avicultural endeavors.

For those new to chicken keeping or those facing specific challenges, Alejandro offers a wealth of information and a sympathetic ear. His insights are tailored to help others not just maintain, but truly thrive in their pursuits, enhancing the wellbeing of both the chickens and their keepers.

Email: alejandro@chickenspring.com